RFID Tag Reader Project Board

January 26, 2024 by
Christilien Fouche

RFID Tag Reader Project Board

Difficulty rating: Advance
Average time to build: 1 Hour.

This Project will help with your soldering skills, while you learn about Interfacing with ESP32 and the internet.
The RFID module will make access control a fan project to build.

Quick description 

This project is using our dev board PCB with a module NFC card reader as a good access controller.
With this Dev kit, you will have to do a lot of coding which will test your skills in programming but in the end, your dreams of having an access control entry and exit unit will come true.

RFID Tag Reader Project Board

In this project, you will need the kit as well as a soldering iron, solder and pliers to cut the legs of the components shorter once completed.

1x Project board with esp32
1x NFC RC522 Module for Arduino
1x 1.44-inch Serial 128*128 SPI Color TFT LCD Module

Step-by-step instructions 


Select the Esp32 project board and add the esp-wroom 32 dev board.



Now add the TFT screen and NFC tag reader on the Esp32 project board.



Finally, download the code to esp32, and let's run the program on the Project Board.  You may now edit the code to your liking or be brave and try writing a
new code for this project.

Code example.


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