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Internet of Things

IoT online course

Wifi IOT online course outline

This Wifi IoT online course, has, at its base the ESP8266 Wifi microcontroller. We will use the Wemos D1 development board (that has the ESP8266 chip onboard) in this Wifi course.

How to navigate the course.

We have made the course as easy as possible to use.

  • Each module contains one or more lessons.
  • A lesson can be as short as only a couple of paragraphs and pictures, others include lesson PDF’s, additional documents and sometimes downloads and then programming code as used in our examples.
  • Mark each lesson completed once you completed it so you can track your progress.
  • Some modules and lessons will not open up if you did not mark the previous lesson as completed.
  • Once you are in a module or lesson you will have a progress and navigation widget to the right of the lesson screen, this allows you to few your progress and to also move quickly to different lessons.
Questions to your trainer

We use forums for questions and answers. We also encourage discussions and even answers to questions by our students. It does not always have to be a question, even a link to some other info is great. The idea of a forum is to supply as much additional data and answers to questions as possible.

You will see the different forums to the right of the web page when you open a lesson. At the top is also a very handy questions search bar to find topics you will be interested in.


Once you mark all lessons completed the WiFi IoT online course certificate will be available for you to download in the last module.


You need to be logged in to see your course progress.