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Are you up for some robotics, microcontroller coding and modern electronics education!

With this GoGoBot training platform, you are going to learn some cool new stuff!! This is where you are going to get a very good grounding in the exciting field of ROBOTICS!

Are you an electronics hobbyist? Do you like amusing gadgets? Or are you a designer or an artist? Are you perhaps a young guy or girl who just cannot figure out what sort of job you can take on that will make you successful in life? Or are you a concerned parent who wants your child to get direction in life? Well; if you fit into any one of these categories then the GoGoBot is definitely for you. Period!

The GoGoBot is fun to have but it is also extremely IMPORTANT to have because the world is changing. The world in the very near future is not going to be the same world it is today. It is going to be very different.

If robotics is something you would love to do, the future is going to be super great for you and the GoGoBot will become your best friend

In this future; most jobs (waiters, cashiers, producers of food etc.) will be done by robots. We are not talking about centuries or decades. No. We are talking about a few years.

Robots will be able to do jobs much better than humans. CEO’s and Managers of big companies will be employing robots instead of humans.

Why will they do that? Why will they rather employ robots than humans? Well; there are lots of reasons:

  • Robots will never be late for work. They never go home because they stay on the working premises.
  • Robots do not need breaks. They do not have to drink tea or eat lunch. They do not have to go to the toilet and they do not get tired.
  • Robots do not complain about anything. They do not complain about the weather being hot or cold. They do not care about the size of their salary. They just do their work.
  • Robots do not steal and they are not dishonest.
  • Robots do not call in sick.
  • Robots have no excuses for not getting the job done. They simply do what they are supposed to do.
  • Robots do not get to work drunk or high. They do not abuse alcohol or drugs.
  • Robots work much faster than humans. They can do a lot more work than humans can.

The point we are trying to make is simply this: In this fast-changing world some people will struggle and some will get left behind. But on the other hand some people will thrive and do very well.

Who are the people who will thrive in this future? The answer is easy. The people who know Robotics will thrive. You will be VERY successful in this future if you can teach Robotics; if you can fix Robots; if you can build Robots and if you can program Robots.

So; what does the GoGoBot have to do with all of this? Well; with this training platform you will learn the basic fundamentals of Robotics in a fun and easy way. This is a small robot, but the concepts and coding principles you will learn here is the same you would use on a big robot.


The GoGoBot is small and affordable, but what you learn here will be applicable to a tremendous amount of huge Robotics projects.

This product has an important role to play in not only the future of YOU, but also the future of your children and your children’s children.

The GoGoBot is an investment in your future.

 You will have everything you need to get going, including FREE training.

 Below is a summarised list of what you will be getting with the GoGoBot robot kit! You will be building stuff, programming stuff and do all those things you need to be an inventor and robot programmer.

 The robot is packed with future and includes Bluetooth support, all kinds of sensors like distance sensing, day/night sensing and line follower sensors. Even an InfraRed receiver with remote control.

 The app is great too, it will give you hours of fun before you even start. Currently only available for Android.

 Then there are all kinds of electronic components that you will learn to use and program like a potentiometer, pushbutton. motors, motor drivers and much more.


Dissecting the Arduino Uno


We did not talk about the “brain” of the GoGoBot yet. The brain is the very popular and robust Arduino Uno. Well documented and often used by developers and inventors.

 But that is not where it stops. We will be making all kinds of addons available that will be very cost-effective to add to your robot like Wifi cameras and GSM support if you so wish.

 Sensors and components on the boards (see list below for plug-in sensors and modules):
2 x motor driver IC’s (L9110S)
1 x IR receiver (HS0038B)
4 x line tracking sensors (TCRT5000)
1 x ADC extender IC (ADS1015)
1 x potentiometer (10k)
1 x LDR (light sensor)
1 x push button
5 x multicolour addressable LED’s (WS2812B)
1 x 5V Buck-boost power management IC (TPS61022)
1 x Lithium charging management IC(TP4056)

 top layer

 Included in the kit
1 x Arduino Uno
1 x 20cm USB cable
1 x Bluetooth BLE transceiver module
1 x lower layer PCB
1 x higher layer PCB
1 x pack screws, nuts and headers.
2 x metal geared motors
2 x motor holders
2 x rubber wheels
1 x front roller wheel
1 x ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04)
1 x OLED screen(0.96″)
1 x 1850 rechargeable Lithium battery (2200mAh)
1 x IR remote controller

 On the website:

  • Online training
  • Documentation
  • Android mobile app