You will learn Arduino and robotics in an easy, fast, fun and cost-effective way. This kit will keep you focused, entertained & interested from beginning to end.  All you need is this kit and go through the free course that takes you step by step through the basics and many advanced topics too. This is a SEEED Studio product, they are well known for innovation and high quality.

Ideal for young and old. Your kids will love this just as much as electronic hobbyists and those with an inventor or creator spirit.

Super easy and fun

Learn effortlessly in a step by step way with everything you need in the kit. No need to buy anything else.




Everything works the first time. Although all the sensors and modules can be separated and wired the way you like, this kit comes as a single learning platform with everything connected together already. You can just start!

Fast learning

 No need to mess around with wrong or loose connections. No need for you to find other data or electronic components. You are fully backed and supported

Free, yet powerful, course included

No need for you to try and find material all over the web. It is all there for you in one place. Also available as a downloadable PDF when you want to study offline.

Perfect for schools STEM education, hobbyists and inventors

No matter what your goal is for learning Arduino, this kit is where you start. Due to the innovations of this kit many advanced topics are also covered.

Cost effective

 Getting trained in Arduino does not need to cost a lot of money. We do not know of any other beginner kit at this price that can offer you what this kit does.

 Kin from Botshop  “I am teaching Arduino workshops for many years and this is my recommendation for anybody that wants to learn Arduino from home or even a classroom setup. What “trips” most students and make components go “poof” is the wiring. Of course putting wires the wrong way around or in wrong places will break things or as a minimum have your project not working the way it should if at all. But the most sneaky and frustrating problem is loose connections, it’s difficult to find such problems. You can spend hours trying to figure out what went wrong just to find a wire is not making contact. This kit is the answer to anybody that wants to learn fast and effectively.

When you get your Arduino kit everything is connected together already as a training platform. The innovative part is that the kit can be broken loose into different components and modules too and you can wire them up if you want! This is a high-quality kit with everything just working out of the box and once you completed the free yet top-notch training that comes with it you can take it apart and tinker around to your heart’s delight”




The Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino is an all-in-one kit, no breadboard, no soldering, even no wiring is needed. All those muss and fuss, aiming to give you the best experience, you only need to focus on coding and Arduino Learning.

This is game-changing for classrooms and self-education, where most of the time goes to fixing loose or incorrect wiring. It is a perfect solution for STEM education, it is cost-effective, easy to use, frustration-free and offers a wealth of training in record time. With this kit, even advanced topics are covered that would have been very difficult to master in any other way.


Seed Studio is well known for its extensive documentation on their products.

Visit the Wiki page here for their online courses, projects and much more.

They also have this great PDF to get you going.

There is a lot included in this kit. Not just a lot of stuff to give you lots to play with but also to cover a huge amount of concepts and robotic topics.

Included in Kit:

  • Grove Beginner Kit For Arduino Board x 1
  • Micro USB Cable x 1
  • Grove Cables x 6

 Included onboard:

  • Grove – LED x 1
  • Grove – Buzzer x 1
  • Grove – OLED Display 0.96″ x 1
  • Grove – Button x 1
  • Grove – Rotary Potentiometer x 1
  • Grove – Light Senor x 1
  • Grove – Sound Sensor x 1
  • Grove – Temperature & Humidity Sensor x 1
  • Grove – Air Pressure Sensor x 1
  • Grove – 3-Axis Accelerator x 1
  • Seeeduino Lotus x 1