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Setup the Arduino software

Before we install the software head over to our introduction of microcontrollers here https://www.botshop.co.za/module-1/introducion/

The above introduction is enough to get you to understand what microcontrollers are and how microcontrollers work.

Install the Arduino IDE

First, we need to install the Arduino IDE software. This is the software you will need to connect with your Arduino Uno and to write programs with.

Download the latest Arduino IDE and once downloaded, click on it to install the driver: https://www.botshop.co.za/arduino-1.8.12-windows.exe

The above version is for windows if you use a different operating system you can download the IDE from the Arduino website here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software

Install the USB driver

Next, we need to install the USB driver. Some operating systems already have the driver installed but others not. It is a good idea to install it anyway. once downloaded, click on it to install the driver: https://www.botshop.co.za/CH341SER.EXE

And that’s it, you are ready to start programming. We do have online courses available that will teach you how to program Arduino. If you are near Pretoria sign up for our Saturday morning workshops to get you started quickly.