ESP 32 module Wroom Wifi + Bluetooth
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Internal Reference: MOD-155

ESP 32 module - Wroom Wifi and Bluetooth module

The ESP-WROOM-32 is a powerful, generic WiFi-BT-BLE MCU module that targets a wide variety of applications ranging from low-power sensor networks to the most demanding tasks such as voice encoding, music streaming, and MP3 decoding.

IMPORTANT: This module is not easy to work with on its own. On the product photo, it is not easy to see how near the pins are to each other. Please use the ESP32 Wroom adapter plate (baseplate) for easy use.

About ESP-32:

WiFi / Bluetooth Classic / BLE Module
Dual-core 240MHZ CPU, computing capability up to 600DMIPS (STM32F407 is 168MHz)
SRAM 520K, High speed can run FREERTOS, UCOSII, such system, decoding audio or video
Many types interpreters supported: Arduino IDE setup, Lua and MicroPython port, basic C code, etc. See more information on
Board size 25.2mm x 18mm, on board esp32 Soc, flash, other parts and on-board antenna.
Grouped output gpio pins, ease usability.
Open source schematic and layout for use, please check out documentation.
FCC-US, CE-EU, IC-CA, TELEC-JP, SRRC and KCC-KR certificate, four layer PCB, working temperature -40°C – 85°C, suitable for commerial development.

ESP 32 module pinout. The picture below is very comprehensive pin layout. Click on the picture to see a bigger version of it, it also prints out great if you want to print the pic for easy reference.

ESP 32 module Wroom Wifi + Bluetooth diagram

The datasheet is 22 pages long and worth a read, ESP 32 module data sheet: esp-wroom-32_datasheet_en

Below is a summary of the microcontroller, looking at it I am always finding myself surprised at the low cost compared to the number of features. The atmega guys have some real competition here.

ESP 32 module specs


802.11 b/g/n/e/I
802.11 n (2.4Ghz), up to 150Mbps
802.11 I security features: Per-authentication and TSN
802.11 e:Multiple queue management to fully utilize QoStraffic prioritization
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)/WPA2
Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS)
A- MPDU and A-MSDU aggregation
Fragmentation and defragmentation
SSL stacks with hardware accelerators
Automatic beacon monitoring / scanning
Infrastructure BSS Station mode/ Soft AP mode
Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), P2P Discovery, P2P Group Owner mode and P2P Power Management
UMA compliant and certified
Antenna diversity and selection
WMM power save U-APSD


CMOS single-chip fully-integrated radio and baseband
Bluetooth Piconet and Scatter net
Bluetooth 4.2(BR/EDR/BLE)
Adaptive Frequency Hopping(AFH)
Class-1 ,class-2 and class-34 transmitter without external power amplifier
+10 dBm transmitting power
NZIF receiver with-90 dBm sensitivity
Up-to 4 Mbps high speed UART HCI
Low power consumption
Minimum external component

CPU and Memory

Xtensa®Dual-core32-bit LX6 microprocessors,up to 400 MIPS
128 KB ROM
QSPI Flash/SRAM,up to 4x 16 MB
Power supply: 2.5V to 3.6V

Clocks and Timers

2 MHz to 40 MHz crystal oscillator
Internal 8 MHz oscillator with calibration
External 32kHz oscillator for RTC with calibration
Internal RC oscillator with calibration
Two timer groups including 3x64-bit timer and 1x watchdog in each group
RTC timer with sub-second accuracy
RTC watchdog

Advanced Features:

Advanced Peripheral Interfaces

12-bit SAR ADC up to 16 channels
2x10-bit DA converters
10x touch sensors
Temperature sensor
1 host(SD/eMMC/SDIO)
1 slave(SDIO/SPI)
Ethernet MAC interface with dedicated DMA and IEEE 1588 support
CAN 2.0
Motor PWM
LED PWM up to 16 channels


IEEE 802.11 standard security features all supported,including WFA,WPA/WPA2 and WAPI
Secure boot
Flash encrypt
1014-bit OTP,up to 768-bit for customers
Crytographic hardware acceleration:
AES 128/192/256
Random Number Generator


Generic low power
- IOT sensor hub
- IOT loggers
Audio & Video
- Internet music players
- Audio headsets
- Wi-Fi + Bluetooth audio streaming devices
- Video Steaming from camera
Wi-Fi + Bluetooth enabled
- Over The Top (OTT) devices
- Smart devices
- Wi-Fi enabled
- Loggers toys
- Proximity sensing toys
- Speech recognition devices
Home automation
- Smart plugs
- Smart lightings
Industrial automation
- Industrial wireless control
- Mesh network
Security ID tags
Sensor network
- Wi-Fi location-aware devices
- Wearable electronics
- Baby monitors
Health care
- Proximity movement monitoring
- Trigger devices
- Temperature sensing loggers

Development Support

Firmware and SDK for fast on-chip Programming
Open source tool chains based on GCC