DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit
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Internal Reference: KIT-041


Are you a hobbyist who loves to tinker with different gadgets? You’ll be happy to know that we have the perfect product for you: the DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit! With technical specifications of a working voltage of DC6V ~ 12V and a recommended voltage of DC 9V, the clock kit is made to meet your exact needs.

This is a DIY digital alarm clock kit. It is equipped with 6 digits LED module and an AT89C2051 chip. It can train your soldering skills during assembling, once finished, it will be a digital alarm clock with seconds correction, countdown clock, stopwatch, counter, and alarm clock perfect for electronics fans, and school electronics teaching.

Schematic for DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit

The Image above is a schematic that tells you a bit more about the board of the DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit layout on the PCB.

How does it work

The above video will show you how the DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit works and shows you some of the features it has and how you can easily access them.

Technical Specification:

  • Working voltage: DC6V ~ 12V
  • Recommend voltage: DC 9V
  • Working current: 35mA
  • Standby current: 1.2mA
  • PCB Board Size:92X49mm
  • Functions:
    • seconds correction
    • countdown clock
    • on time alarming
    • alarm clock

How to increase the brightness

1, The display brightness can be changed by changing the resistance values of the R2 - R7 and R9 values.
2, The S1 button is used to set the time, hold for more than 2 seconds to start setting mode


For more info read this: 6-digit-digital-electronic-clock-diy-kits-manual