56 chicken egg incubator tray

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Internal Reference: 56 chicken egg incubator tray

The 56-egg incubator tray operates with a synchronous motor allowing the eggs to be swayed at a 45-degree angle. It goes perfectly with the XM-18 Incubator controller.

Package Included:
1x 56 Egg Incubator tray
1x PCB turning motor

Model: MK-56
1. This tray will fit for Janoel JN8-56 or a similar type incubator.
2. The Universal tray can house: 56 Quail eggs or 56 Chicken size eggs. Maximum-sized eggs would be large chicken eggs.
3. Automatic turning motor does a full rotation every 2 hours depending on the settings of the controller in your incubator.
4. Made from a durable material that enables you to keep the egg tray clean and bacteria-free for years of problem-free incubation of your valuable eggs.

1. Power Supply: AC230V 50/60Hz
2. The AC Motor can go either CW(Clock Wise)/CCW(Counter Clock Wise)
3. Color: Yellow
4. Material: ABS Plastic
5. Number of egg holes to accommodate: 56
6. Motor: 4W, 2.5-3 RPM
7. Dimensions: W:42mm L:42mm H:13mm
8. Eggs Per Tray: 8
9. Total Trays: 7