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XH-M400 Step Down power supply 8A XL4016E1

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XH-M400 Step Down power supply 8A – XL4016E1 IC

These 8A step-down power supplies are quite impressive with their 8A max current rating, It is recommended that you do not run these power supplies at 8A for long periods as they do build up a lot of heat over time.

These trim pots to adjust the voltage can catch you off guard when first using them. Sometimes it can take 8-10 full turns to see a voltage change. Counter-clockwise rotation for voltage decreases.

XH-M400 Step Down power supply 8A Features
Module: XH-M400 XL4016 Buck Regulator Module
Maximum current: 8A (long time recommended 5A)
Input voltage: DC4-36V
Output voltage: DC1.25-36V
Regulator mode: PWM modulation
Maximum power: 200W
Conversion efficiency: 95%
Switching frequency: 180KHz



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