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W25Q128 FLASH Storage Module SPI Interface 16Mbyte

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This unit makes it easy to store your data and the data will not be lost if your microcontroller is powered down or lose power. This unit is the answer for those times your microcontroller just don’t have enough \Flash memory for your application because it will increase the amount of data you can store with an additional 16Mbytes.

This module uses your microcontroller’s SPI interface and thus will only require one digital pin to work. Please note that the max volts for this module are 3.6V. More than that will damage the chip, if your microcontroller board has a 3.3V output it will work perfectly with this module.

W25Q128 FLASH Storage Module spec
Capacity: 128M-bit / 16M-byte
The clock frequency: ≤104MHz
Operating voltage: 2.7~3.6V
Size: 14mm * 15mm


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