Universal prototyping PCB – 20X80mm

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Universal prototyping PCB - 20X80mm

Important: Please note that we have red, green, yellow, white and black pc boards available. We will choose random colours for your order. If the colour is critical please contact us first to ensure we have the correct colours available.

Breadboards are very nice but at some stage, you will need a more permanent solution for your projects as components can easily be pulled out from a breadboard by mistake.

Universal prototyping PCB - 20X80mm spec:

Rows: 6
Holes per row: 28
Total holes: 128
Spacing: 2.54mm
Hole size:1.5mm
SMD solder pads 8 (4 per side)
Mounting holes: 4 (one on each corner)

Shipping list:
1 x Universal prototyping board


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