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Universal power supply 12V – 24V 120W

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Universal power supply 12V – 24V 120W

These are often used as laptop power supply replacements and include adaptors for many types of laptops. We, however, stock them because they work so well where you need bigger than 12V supplies like with our amp boards and tesla coils.

Universal power supply 12V – 24V 120W Specifications:

Rated input voltage: AC 110V or AC 240V, Vibration input voltage range: AC 95V-265V
Output voltage: 12V/15V/16V/18V/19V/20V/24V, adjustable output voltage
Output Power: 120W
Plug: EU
10 pieces swappable connectors(external diameter*inner diameter): 6.30*3.00 / 6.00*1.00 / 5.50*2.50 / 5.50*2.10 / 5.50*1.70 / 4.80*1.70 / 4.00*1.70 / 3.50*1.35mm

Note: Compatible almost all of Laptop except For Dell, For HP and For Lenovo. Please confirm the connector details above to check whether your model is fitted.

Package includes:

1× 120W power adapter
1× 10 pieces power connectors
1 x Power Cable


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