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The GoGoBot Training Platform with Uno

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robotics training with GoGoBot

The GoGoBot is more than just a cool microcontroller based robot with a great mobile app and all kinds of sensors. It is a robotics and microcontroller training platform that will teach you Arduino microcontrollers in an easy and fun way.

The GoGoBot comes in two versions. This version comes with the Arduino Uno, or as many like to call it the ‘brain” of the robot. We know some guys and girls already have an Arduino Uno and don’t need another. If you do have an Arduino Uno then click here for the version without the Uno to save on cost. A robot is useless without its brain.

See our block post for more information.

Dissecting the Arduino Uno

A lot of thinking went into this robot because it is also a training platform that teaches. We will teach you from scratch and move on to more advanced topics as we go along. All that you require is this kit, it comes with everything you need, including the online training. Just start with module one, line one and you are on your way!

Do not get mislead by the size of this robot, as the saying goes, the stronger the poison the smaller the bottle! It comes with Bluetooth and amazing mobile app (for now just available for Android, the iPhone app will be ready in a couple of weeks.), sensors, screen and much other fun but also educational thingies. I will admit, some of the sensors like the day/night sensor are not something you will normally find on a robot but education is what it is all about.

A short demo of the mobile app

Ideal for STEM school education, hobbyists and upcoming inventors of all ages. This kit can be used for kids as young as 10 years but a parent or teacher assistance will then be required. Here is a summary of the GoGoBot main features:

  • Learn to code in an easy and fun way – from basics to advanced
  • Arduino Uno as the brain, the Arduino is one of the most popular and well-documented microcontrollers in the world. In our opinion, it is the best place to start.
  • Potentiometer to set all kinds of things like speed and sensitivity of sensors
  • Expansion connectors for add-on boards – and we are working on two already. Without giving away to much the one will include GSM and other wireless technologies and the other a wifi camera extension. You can thus upgrade your education to higher and higher standards without having to spend too much money.
  • Metal geared motors so your GoGo bot gan move, these motors are geared for better precision but also has much other application.
  • Push button for selection of different robot modes or moving through the menu on the screen.
  • Charging circuit with a rechargeable battery. The robot can be charged on its own but will also charge while you code when plugged into a USB port.
  • Bluetooth connectivity with a cellphone app. We went for Bluetooth BLE so you can get all the benefit of the latest in Bluetooth tech.
  • IR remote controller and receiver if you do not feel like using your mobile phone to control your GoGoBot.
  • Oled screen to show you great data, error messages and even allow you to program a menu you can scroll through to enable “stuff” or robot modes.
  • Distance sensor so your robot knows how far it is from objects.
  • Line tracking sensors so your robot can follow lines
  • Buzzer to give you audible feedback, even set it up as an alarm if someone passes to near your robot.
  • A day-night sensor so your GoGo bot can know if it is day or night.
  • The latest in LED light technology that will light up your robot like a Christmas tree.
  • Free online training that will take you effortlessly, step by step through your journey in robotics and modern electronics.

Extention pins.

The image below shows the 12 extension pins on the top board. There extra power, digital pins, analogue pins and I2C pins to daisy chain lots of I2C sensors and modules. I am sure that if you are new this will not make a lot of sense now but as you go through the training material it will become crystal clear to you.


You are not limited to only the sensors and other devices inside the robot. We added extension pins so you can add all kinds of electronics and sensors to the GoGoBot. You will learn exactly how to add things to these pins so you can extend (add relays, LED’s, temperature sensors etc.) your robot anyway you want. This extension pin is also used by our soon to be released extension boards that will be a simple plug and play solution to enhance your training.

Layering up!

bottom layer

The GoGoBot consist of two layers. We are designing all kinds of other layers too so you can stack them one on top of the other. The bottom layer will always be the base. This is where the rechargeable battery and charging circuit is to power all other layers. The motors on this layer are not just for the wheels, you can add pulleys with rubber bands to turn things on higher layers. There are lots this GoGoBot can do.

top layer

In conclusion.

This robot is fun and usable straight out of the box to enjoy for many hours. Its main purpose, however, is as a training platform to educate you in microcontroller coding, robotics and modern electronics. Its uniqueness and innovation are it its ability to be expanded at an affordable price into more advanced technologies if you so wish.

Sensors and components on the boards (see list below for plug-in sensors and modules):
2 x motor driver IC’s (L9110S)
1 x IR receiver (HS0038B)
4 x line tracking sensors (TCRT5000)
1 x ADC extender IC (ADS1015)
1 x potentiometer (10k)
1 x LDR (light sensor)
1 x push button
5 x multicolour addressable LED’s (WS2812B)
1 x 5V Buck-boost power management IC (TPS61022)
1 x Lithium charging management IC(TP4056)

Included in the kit
1 x Arduino Uno
1 x 20cm USB cable
1 x Bluetooth BLE transceiver module
1 x lower layer PCB
1 x higher layer PCB
1 x pack screws, nuts and headers.
2 x metal geared motors
2 x motor holders
2 x rubber wheels
1 x front roller wheel
1 x ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04)
1 x OLED screen(0.96″)
1 x 1850 rechargeable Lithium battery (2200mAh)
1 x IR remote controller

On the website:

  • Online training
  • Documentation
  • Android mobile app




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