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TDA7498 Class D amplifier board 100W

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Wanna build your own amplifier for your home entertainment system etc.?

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TDA7498 Class D amplifier board 100W

Output power: 100W + 100W (VCC = 32V, RL = 4 ohm, THD = 10%)
Wide (14-30V) single power supply
High efficiency (85%)
Quad gain selectable (21.6dB, 27.6dB, 31.1dB, 33.1dB)
Using differential input to reduce common-mode noise significantly
With turn-off mode and silent mode
With intelligent protection
With overheating protection

TDA7498 Class D amp diagram

TDA7498 Class D amplifier board 100W Specification:

Product name: Audio amplifier board
Input voltage: DC15-32V
Output power: 100W * 2
Output impedance: 4-8ohm
Line type: Class D
Chip selection: TDA7498
Harmonic distortion: Po = 1W / 0.05%
Frequency response range: 18-100KHz
Switching frequency: 360KHz
Signal to noise ratio: 100db
Size: 96 * 64 * 25mm


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