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Solar charger module / step-up step-down power module

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This power module can be used in many power requirement applications like constant current LED drivers, because of its high efficiency it is often used as a solar charger module. These modules are also called buck-boost power supplies. This module is perfect for charging solar batteries because it keeps both current and voltage constant. If you set the voltage to 12V, as an example, it will keep the voltage constant even if it receives more or less than 12 V. It thus boosts voltage that is under the set voltage and decreases the voltage if it is above the set voltage.

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High-efficiency DC to DC step-up step-down / Solar charger module.

buck boost power module

Except for being ideal as a solar charger module, it can be used in many power requirements from charging batteries, driving LED’s and as an adjustable power supply for your workbench.

This module uses the LTC3780 high-quality buck-boost IC from Linear Technologies.

Please see this 3780ff pdf datasheet for a full description of the IC as well as additional information about the module.

Input voltage: DC5-32V
Output voltage: DC 1-30V
Continuously adjustable Output current: 10A (Max); long term within 7A Output power: 80W; peak 130W (more than 80W please strengthen heat dissipation)
Adjustable under-voltage protection
Output ripple: 50mV (12V to 12V, 5A measured)
Operating temperature range: -45 ~ 85
Short circuit protection: Yes
Replaceable fuse



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