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Soil Moisture Sensor Relay Control Module

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Soil Moisture Sensor Relay Control Module

Adjust the soil moisture control threshold with a potentiometer, can automatically water the garden, control of soil moisture in pots, all kinds of electronic games etc. The soil moisture sensor with high power relay, can control large current equipment, when the soil moisture is below the set humidity, the relay will automatically pull, start the spray, automatically stops when humidity is reached. It is a simple and practical soil moisture control system.

1. Using high-quality soil sensors to do soil moisture detection, the surface is treated with nickel plating, widened sensing area, can improve the conductivity, to prevent rust, extend the service life.
2. Time delay function: Delay 3-5 seconds, when the humidity is detected in the critical state, the relay will not flicker.
3. Using high-quality relay, can withstand the load of 1500W, to meet the requirements of most people.

Soil Moisture Sensor Relay Control Module Specification:
Supply voltage: 12VDC
Input current: more than 100mA
Load: 10A 250V AC or 10A 30V DC (lower than the current in this range can be used)

1. The sensor is for soil humidity detection.
2. The blue potentiometer modules are for soil moisture threshold adjustment. Turn it clockwise, controls higher humidity; turning it counterclockwise smaller.
3. The Module has a time delay function. Every time you adjust the humidity value may need to wait for 5-8 seconds, check the change of the relay and green LED lights, until it meets the requirements.

Package includes:
1 x Soil Humidity Sensor
1 x Relay Control Module
1 x 20cm DuPont 2P Line


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