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SMD white LED 2-PLCC package (pkt of 10)

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SMD white LED 2-PLCC package

These service mount LED’s are white in colour and big enough to easily solder with a soldering iron. We sell them in packs of 10.

Specifications of HSMW-A100-U40J1

Color White
Millicandela Rating 787.5mcd
Current – Test 20mA
Wavelength – Dominant 6800K
Voltage – Forward (vf) Typ 3.4V
Lens Type Diffused, Yellow Tinted
Lens Style/size Round, 2.2mm
Package / Case 2-PLCC
Size / Dimension 3.20mm L x 2.80mm W
Height 1.90mm
Viewing Angle 120°
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Resistance Tolerance 6800K
Package Type PLCC
Luminous Intensity 1125mcd
Test Current (it) 20mA
Forward Current 30mA
Color Coordinates x=0.31/y=0.31
Forward Voltage 4.05V
Operating Temp Range -40C to 100C
Reverse Voltage 5V
Power Dissipation 114mW

Packing list:

5 x SMD white LED


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