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Sensor Shield For Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 (expansion board)

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Sensor Shield For Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 (expansion board)

Support IIC, Bluetooth, SD, robot parts like motors & servos and much more. This shield makes prototyping with the Arduino much easier, quicker and definitely with fewer wires looking like a rats nest.

Sensor Shield For Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 (expansion board) is definitely much more than a shield board that usually just have easy ways to hook up sensors with the sensor, GND and Vcc pins next to each other for a quick and neat hookup. It is an expansion board to allow you to easy hookup Bluetooth and many other communication modules. It does not stop with comm modules and includes hookup for I2C devices, Ultrasonic sensors and much more.

Mega shield pin outs


2 reviews for Sensor Shield For Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 (expansion board)

  1. Pfunzo.LM (verified owner)

    I bought this board last year and didn’t give much attention to it because I’ve been compiling robot parts……snap! I connected it to the arduino mega as intended and guess what, I did the test with the jumper on and off with external power supply……FROM PIN 36 TO PIN 45 THE V-PIN is not connected to the board so you won’t read any power from those pins…….I guess the solution is to solder a straight wire from V-PIN 35 all the way to 45…………maybe yours is different or maybe my board is faulty.

  2. Pfunzo.LM (verified owner)

    Oh….instead of soldering V-PIN from 35 to 45…..I soldered V-PIN 35 and 36…and there it worked, was able to read power from all pins now and lastly, take caution when stacking it on the arduino mega especially on PWR_SEL because it shorts out with the usb power housing and you might damage your board ….you can isolate them using electrical tape and your good to go.

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