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RGB LED Strips Remote Controller + 2 meter RGB light strip

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RGB LED Strips Remote Controller + 2 meter RGB light strip

Includes 2 meter (60 rgb leds/meter) RGB led strip

The use of advanced computer control chip, used to control a variety of led lamps as the light source such as: point light source, soft light strip, wall washer lamp, glass curtain wall light and so on; has the advantages of low price, easy wiring, simple to use; by infrared remote control to adjust brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effects.

24-key infrared controller
Working temperature: -20-60 ℃
Supply voltage: 12V, 24V optional (default DC 12V, can also work with 24V, depends on the power supply of light stripe)
Output: 3 channels
Connection mode: common anode
Dimensions: L63ΧW35ΧH22 mm
Net weight: 50g
Static power consumption: <1W
Output current: <6A
Output power: 5V <30W, 12V <72W, 24V <144W
It can control up to
5050: 30 LEDs – 10 m
5050: 60 LEDs – 5 m
3528: 60 LEDs – 10 m
100 group of nine leds RGB module
Note:  12V Power Supply not included, you will need another DC power plug for this, please be aware of this.


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