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RF 433MHZ Transmitter Module ZF-3

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RF 433MHZ Transmitter Module ZF-3

This 433MHz transmitter module works great with this RF 433MHZ Receiver Module ZR4 module on our site

Operating frequency 433MHZ
Operating Voltage DC 3.5V ~ 12V
Modulation mode ASK
Quiescent current 0uA
Operating current 8 ~ 10mA
Transmitting distance 20-200m (open space , receiver sensitivity : -108dBm)
Dimension 19mm*18 mm*6.2 mm

Great Arduino RF tutorial: http://www.instructables.com/id/RF-315433-MHz-Transmitter-receiver-Module-and-Ardu/

And another: http://shop.ninjablocks.com/blogs/how-to/7501042-adding-rf-433mhz-to-your-arduino

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