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Real Time Clock (DS1302) Module without Battery

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Real Time Clock

This module allows you to use your Arduino to do many time and date related things like starting something at a specific date and time or to record the date of time of something like the time a sensor were triggered.

The backup battery (not included) makes sure that the time and date are kept accurate even if your Arduino is powered off.

– DS1302 timing IC
– This real time clock has the ability track second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, and the ability to adjust a leap year
– Wide working voltage: 2.0~5.5 V
– When The working voltage is 2.0V, the current is less than 300nA
– Read/write clock or RAM data have two transmission modes: Single-byte / many bytes group
– Simple 3 line interface. Easy to install

Pin out

VCC -> Arduino +3.3V
GND -> Arduino Gnd

Works great using the DS1302 library written by Henning Karlsen. The library can be found at http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/library.php?id=5. 3 Examples are included.




// Example sketch for interfacing with the DS1302 timekeeping chip.
// Copyright (c) 2009, Matt Sparks
// All rights reserved.
// http://quadpoint.org/projects/arduino-ds1302
#include <stdio.h>
#include <DS1302.h>

namespace {

// Set the appropriate digital I/O pin connections. These are the pin
// assignments for the Arduino as well for as the DS1302 chip. See the DS1302
// datasheet:
//   http://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/DS1302.pdf
const int kCePin   = 8;  // Chip Enable
const int kIoPin   = 7;  // Input/Output
const int kSclkPin = 6;  // Serial Clock

// Create a DS1302 object.
DS1302 rtc(kCePin, kIoPin, kSclkPin);

String dayAsString(const Time::Day day) {
  switch (day) {
    case Time::kSunday: return "Sunday";
    case Time::kMonday: return "Monday";
    case Time::kTuesday: return "Tuesday";
    case Time::kWednesday: return "Wednesday";
    case Time::kThursday: return "Thursday";
    case Time::kFriday: return "Friday";
    case Time::kSaturday: return "Saturday";
  return "(unknown day)";

void printTime() {
  // Get the current time and date from the chip.
  Time t = rtc.time();

  // Name the day of the week.
  const String day = dayAsString(t.day);

  // Format the time and date and insert into the temporary buffer.
  char buf[50];
  snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%s %04d-%02d-%02d %02d:%02d:%02d",
           t.yr, t.mon, t.date,
           t.hr, t.min, t.sec);

  // Print the formatted string to serial so we can see the time.

}  // namespace

void setup() {

  // Initialize a new chip by turning off write protection and clearing the
  // clock halt flag. These methods needn't always be called. See the DS1302
  // datasheet for details.

  // Make a new time object to set the date and time.
  // Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 01:38:50.
   Time t(2014, 10, 6, 12, 57, 50, Time::kMonday);

  // Set the time and date on the chip.

// Loop and print the time every second.
void loop() {

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