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Rain Sensor Relay Control Module

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Rain Sensor Relay Control Module

It can be used for monitoring various weather conditions, with direct relay output, control motor starting and closing. Connect the power supply, the power indicator light is on, when there is no water droplet on the sensor board, the relay is closed, the related equipment is activated, the switch indicator light is on, a drop of water is dropped, the relay is disconnected, and the switch indicator light is off.

Using high-quality relay, can withstand the load of 1500W, to meet the requirements of most people.

Rain Sensor Relay Control Module Specification:
Supply voltage: 12VDC
Input current: more than 100mA
Load: 10A 250V AC or 10A 30V DC (lower than the current in this range can be used)

1. The sensor is for rain droplet detection.
2. The blue potentiometer modules are for rain threshold adjustment. Turn it clockwise, controls higher humidity; turning it counterclockwise smaller.
3. The Module has a time delay function. Every time you adjust the value may need to wait for 5-8 seconds, check the change of the relay and green LED lights, until it meets the requirements.

Package includes:
1 x Rain Sensor
1 x Relay Control Module
1 x 20cm DuPont 2P Line


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