Plastic Gears For Robotics 50 Styles

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If you build things that moves this is a very handy set of gears to add to your motors, steppers and servos.

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Plastic Gears For Robotics 50 Styles

Plastic Gears For Robotics Description:
All consistent with each other
A – Means tight Match (will small 0.05mm than standard)
B – Means loose Match (will larger 0.05mm than Standard)
Gear Diameter: (Teeth +2) * modulus = Diameter of Gear
Modulus: 0.5
Aperture 1.5/2/2.5/3
Spindle gear (9 styles): 8-1.5A 9-2A 8-2A 10-2A 12-2A 14-2A 16-2A 18-2.5A 18-3A
Crown tooth (10 styles): C20-2.5A C20-2A C20-3A C2410-2A C2410-2B C2810-2B C28-2A C3010-2B C30-3A C3610-2B
Single Gear (18 styles): 20-2A 26-2A 24-2.5A 28-2A 30-2A 36-2A 38-2A 38-3A 40-2A 42-2A 44-2A 44-2.5A 46-2.5A 48-2A 50-3A 52-2.5A 56-2A 56-3A
Double gear(18 styles): 1810-2A 4812-2.5A 2210-2B 2410-2B 2610-2B 2808-2B 4610-2B 2810-2B 3010-2B 3210-2B 3212-2B 3412-2B 3610-2B 3808-2B 4410-2B 4810-2B 5010-2B 5610-2A
Worm Gear (2 styles): 6 * 6-2A 6 * 8-2A
Pulley Gear (1 styles): 6*6-2A



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