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PH probe module

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Works great with Arduino boards or any other microcontroller that has an ADC (analog) input. We tested it with the 2 PH probes we sell but should work with any PH probe with a BNC connector.

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PH probe module sensor

This module is used to connect PH sensors with BNC connectors to microcontrollers like the Arduino Uno. It includes an offset potentiometer to change the analog readout so it can work perfectly with an Arduino, a temperature sensor as well as a PH limit potentiometer to set the DO pin to either 0V or 3.7V depending on the PH..

This PH probe module is hooked up directly to an Arduino analog pin via the PO pin on the module board, so no libraries are required to get it working,

ph sensor probe module

TO – Temperature output
DO – 3.3V Output (from ph limit pot)
PO – PH analog output
Gnd – Ground for PH probe
Gnd  – Gnd for board
POT 1 – Analog reading offset (Nearest to BNC connector)
POT 2 – PH limit setting

PH Probe Features:

Working current: 5-10mA
Detectable concentration range: PH0-14
Detection Temperature range: 0-80 ℃
Component Power: ≤0.5W
Working temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃ (nominal temperature 20 ℃)
Humidity: 95% RH (nominal humidity 65% RH)
Module Size: 42mm × 32mm × 20mm
Output: analog voltage signal output
With 4pcs M3 Mounting Holes
PH limit setting
Analog readout offset setting



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