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PCB Heated Bed 120*120mm 12V

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Heat beds are often used in 3d printers. Of cause heat beds, has many other uses too.

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PCB Heated Bed 120*120mm 12V

Name:PCB Heated Bed
Material:aluminum,PCB plate
Size:120 x 120mm
The highest temperature does not exceed 145°C
Recommended temperature: 100 ~ 120 °C

PCB Heated Bed 120*120mm 12V Features:

PCB Heated Bed 2V MK2B Makerbot Kit.
3d printer dedicated heating bed.
For Mendel RepRap 3d Printer.
With PCB, aluminium, thermal silica, high-temperature film, about 1m wire.
Smooth, fast heating, can effectively increase the print adhesion, used to improve the PLA’s print results.

Package included:

1 x PCB Heated Bed
1 x Wire


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