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NRF24L01 RF transceiver module + Antenna

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NRF24L01 RF transceiver with 1000m range. Ideal for long distance Arduino wireless communication.

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NRF24L01 RF transceiver

This is a very low-cost NRF24L01 RF transceiver module. This module uses the 2.4GHz nRF24L01 + transceiver, the latest manufactured by Nordic Semiconductor. This integrated operates in the 2.4GHz band and has many interesting new features, such as additional buffers and auto-retransmission.

This nrf24l01 rf transceiver module includes a 100mW amplifier and a low noise amplifier, allowing you to achieve 1000 meters range in the open air.

It can be used in a project without the need for any RF design, simply connect to the SPI interface via an 8-pin connector.

ATTENTION: The module is powered by 3V. But its communication pins tolerate logic of 5V, like that of Arduino.


  • Power supply voltage: 3-3.6V (3.3V recommended)
  • 5V tolerant data inputs
  • Max output power: +20 dBm
  • Current (maxima) in emission mode: 115 mA
  • Current (maxima) in receiving mode: 45 mA
  • Sleep-off mode: 4.2uA
  • Sensitivity at 2 Mbps in receive mode: -92dBm
  • Sensitivity at 1 Mbps in reception mode: -95 dBm
  • Sensitivity to 250 kbps in receive mode: -104dBm
  • PA gain: 20dB
  • LNA gain: 10dB
  • LNA noise figure: 2.6 dB
  • Antenna gain (peak): 2 dBi
  • Distance to 2MB rate (open area): 520m
  • Distance to 1MB rate (open area): 750m
  • Distance to 250Kb rate (open area): 1000m

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