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Nokia 5110 LCD Screen

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The Nokia 5110 screen is a basic graphic LCD screen for lots of applications. It was originally intended as a cell phone screen. This one is mounted on an easy to solder PCB.

It uses the PCD8544 controller, which is the same used in the Nokia 3310 LCD. The PCD8544 is a low power CMOS LCD controller/driver, designed to drive a graphic display of 48 rows and 84 columns. All necessary functions for the display are provided in a single chip, including on-chip generation of LCD supply and bias voltages, resulting in a minimum of external components and low power consumption. The PCD8544 interfaces to microcontrollers through a serial bus interface.

Example Sketch & Diagram

Library: pcd8544-master.zip



#include <PCD8544.h>

static const byte glyph[] = { B00010000, B00110100, B00110000, B00110100, B00010000 };

static PCD8544 lcd;

void setup() {
 lcd.begin(84, 48);

 lcd.createChar(0, glyph);

 lcd.setCursor(0, 0);

void loop() {



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