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NE555 Pulse Signal Generator

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NE555 Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module

NE555 Pulse Signal Generator Description:
1, Size: 3.1CM * 2.2CM
1, Main chip: NE555;
2, Input voltage: 5V-15VDC. 5V power supply, the output current around 15Ma around; 12V
power supply, the output current around 35Ma.
3, Input current: 100MA
4, Output amplitude: 4.2V V-PP to 11.4V V-PP. (Different depending on the input
voltage, the output amplitude will be different)
5, the maximum output current: 15MA (5V power supply, V-PP greater than 50%), 35MA
(12V power supply, V-PP greater than 50%)

ne555 pulse module dual

1, Output with LED indication, there is no output straightforward (low LED volume,
high LED off frequency is relatively low, the LED flashes);
2, the output level selectable frequency range, the output frequency is more continuously adjustable;
LF file: 1Hz ~ 50Hz
IF file: 50Hz ~ 1kHz
High-frequency file: 1KHz ~ 10kHz
HF file: 10kHz ~ 200kHz
3, the output duty cycle can fine-tune, duty cycle and frequency is not separately
adjustable, adjusting the duty cycle will change the frequency
4, the output frequency is adjustable;
Period T = 0.7 (RA +2 RB) C
RA, RB is 0-10K adjustable;
Low profile when C = 0.001UF;
IF stalls C = 0.1UF;
High-frequency file C = 1UF;
HF stalls C = 100UF, so the frequency of the waveform buyers can own calculations.


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