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MQ-8 Hydrogen Gas Sensor

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This is an Arduino hydrogen gas sensor. It has high sensitivity to Hydrogen (H2) and less sensitivity to alcohol, LPG, fumes .cfumes. Hydrogen gas is highly flammable and will burn in air at a very wide range of concentrations
The output is proportional to the density of gas. You can use analog reading to read the data from this sensor.
  • Power supply needs: 5V
  • Interface type: Analog
  • Pin Definition:  1-Output  2-GND  3-VCC
  • High sensitivity to Hydrogen (H2)
  • Small sensitivity to alcohol, LPG, cooking fumes
  • Stable and long life
  • Size: 40x20mm(1.57″x0.79″)

Datasheet: MQ-8.pdf


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