load cell sensor resistance strain 50kg

Works great with our HX711 Load Cell (Weight) Amplifier board for Arduino.

Build your own electronic scale using the power of Arduino to create added features like recording weight or let “something” happen when a specific weight is reached like opening a relay.

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50kg half-bridge load cell

These load cells operate at minute voltage changes and they need an amplifier board to hook them up to a micro controller like an Arduino or Wemos board, see this page for the amplifier board and connection instructions that work perfectly with these cells.

We created a scale using 4 load cells in a tutorial in the blog post section.  We made it out of a couple of pallet wood planks.

You can also use two sensors to form a full bridge: 50kgx2=100kg
Four sensors bridge will give you: 50kgx4=200kg

It is thus possible to weight up to 200 kg when using 4 of these.

Load cell measurement diagram.

load cell measurement


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