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Li-Po, li-ion and FE Battery tester/monitor

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Managing your Li-Po battery is a must. If you let your battery get to low you can lessen the capacity of your battery or even render it unusable. That’s where the 1-8S LiPo Battery Voltage Tester/Monitor comes in.

First, this unit can be used to test your battery’s voltage. It will display the total voltage of your battery, then cycle through and display the voltage of each individual cell.

Secondly, the unit will monitor your battery and sound an alarm when one if its cells fall below a preset voltage. You can use the unit’s push button to set that voltage anywhere from 2.7-3.8V or turn it off completely. This monitor mode will only work for 2-8 cell batteries.

Charger/Monitor Specs
Voltage Detection Precision ±0.01V
Single Cell Display Range .5-4.5V
Total Battery Display Range 0-36V
1S test mode Range 3.7-30V
Low Voltage Alarm Mode 2-8S
Selectable Alarm Range Off/2.7-3.8V
Preset Alarm Value 3.3V
Pin Spacing 2.54mm

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