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Inductive Proximity Sensor NPN metal detection

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An inductive proximity sensor is a useful device because it can detect metal objects. Itt can be used as a metal detector device for screening when people walk through the entrance of a building,counting metal objects on a production line, or it can be be used to find metal objects. Also used in safety equipment.

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Inductive Proximity Sensor PNP metal detection

Inductive Proximity Sensor PNP description

Power: 6-36VDC
Output Current: 300mA
Detection Range: 4mm
Detected material: Iron/Steel alloys
43in. Lead. Includes Hardware.
Dia: 12mm L: 64mm WT: .08

The brown pin is the positive voltage pin. Input voltage: 6V-36V.
The blue pin is the ground pin.
The black pin is the signal pin. When the proximity sensor doesn’t detect any metal objects, this pin will be LOW, about 10 times less than the voltage that is fed to the positive voltage pin, the brown pin. For example, if you are feeding a voltage of 5V into the brown pin, when no metal objects are detected, the black pin will output about 0.5V or less.



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