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HWCT 5A/5MA Micro Current Transformer sensor

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HWCT 5A/5MA Micro Current Transformer sensor

Easy to use the module, this HWCT 5A/5MA Micro Current Transformer sensor has a 1:1000 turns ratio meaning for every 5A of current flowing through the conductor, 5mA will flow through the CT.  To measure volts from a microcontroller analogue pin a resistor needs to be connected across the two terminals of the CT to allow a voltage to be measured across it. A 220 Ohm resistor, using Ohm’s law V=IR, the output of the CT will be 1.1 Volts AC, for every 5mA of CT current (or every 5A of measured current).

HWCT 5A/5MA Micro Current Transformer sensor Description:

Rated Input Current 5A
Rated output current 5mA
Ratio of 1000:1
Phase (when the rated input) is less than or = 20
The linear range of 0-10A
Linearity 0.2 percent
Accuracy class 0.2
Isolation voltage 3000V
Use measuring
Epoxy resin sealing material
PCB mounting installation
Operating temperature -40-70 degrees

Great instructable here: https://www.instructables.com/id/AC-Current-Monitoring-Data-Logger/


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