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High power 3W LED White

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This LED is very bright and easy to use.

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High power 3W LED White

PLEASE NOTE: These LED’s are brand new but taken out of high power touches to replace with green LED used in the hunting industry

3W High Power LEDs are brighter than standard incandescent and halogen light bulbs and are perfect for automotive, industrial, home and hobby applications. Not only are they bright, but they also consume a fraction of power making them extremely energy efficient. The high power LED is mounted onto an aluminium heat sink. Simply connect the large + and – pads on the heat sink to activate the LED.

High power 3W LED White features:

Colour Frequency: 3k-8k (White)
Luminous Intensity: 160 lumen
Viewing Angle: 120°
Radiation Pattern: Lambertian
Forward Voltage: 3.0v – 3.6v
Typical Voltage: 3.1v
Typical Forward Current: 650ma-700mA
Style: 3watt STAR Configuration
Material: InGaN



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