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ESP32 Bluetooth and Wifi course

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ESP32 Bluetooth and Wifi course

Bluetooth WiFi Course

IMPORTANT: This course excludes the hardware, most of this course can be done with just the ESP32, breadboard, jumpers, resistors (220Ohm or neat that resistance for the LEDs) and a couple of LED’s. If you have that readily available you are good to start.  

This course will put you on a totally new level of developing applications.  Not only will you create wireless and amazing Bluetooth interfaces for projects, but you will also learn to use a much more powerful microcontroller. It has dual cores for starters but also many other high-end abilities that will make your projects better, more stable and professional.  Even more good news is that it is much easier to do than you might think, primarily because we use the Arduino IDE with many functions you already know and use.

More details on the course are available here.



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