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EL wire sequencer for microcontrollers

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Are you ready to take your el wire projects to the next level? This el wire sequencer can be controlled directly from your microcontroller like an Arduino Uno. You can go ape in no time! If you can make LED’s flash you can make this, with 8 channel no less, do the coolest patterns and sequences.

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EL wire sequencer for microcontrollers

This EL wire sequencer can connect to any microcontroller that can supply 5V and is very easy to use. If you can switch LED’s and create sequences like running lights for LED’s there is nothing new for you to learn.

This PCB adds zero-crossing optoisolated triacs for noise-free operation and full isolation between the AC and DC sides, This ensures that your microcontroller is totally isolated from the AC source that otherwise not only can easily fry your Arduino or Raspberry PI but also can produce noise onto your microcontroller pins.

You will need an inverter to drive the EL wire, this one works great 12V 5-meter inverter.

Hooking this EL wire sequencer up is nearly just as easy as programming it.

The connection pins 1-8 connects to any of your Arduino’s digital pins. The GND pin connects to any of your Arduino’s GND pins.

Whats left is to connect your inverter to screw terminal J1 and your 8 EL wires (if you want to connect El wire to all 8 channels, you do not have to) to the rest of the screw terminals. Both the inverter and EL wire is AC power devices and it does not matter what way around the wires go, there is no + and – polarity.

EL wire sequenser pinout

The EL wire sequencer can safely switch high-voltage AC on and off, allowing you to easily create animated displays, super cool light sequences or whatever else your imagination can come up with. To get you going how about a Jacob’s ladder like the one below?

Can you use this PCB board for other AC devices? Theoretically, you should be able to but we haven’t tested it with anything else. The triac spec state that you can switch max 600V, 8A AC with a triac.  BUT……. triacs produce lots of “noise” and you will do best with low current AC devices and appliances. This board does have optocouplers so isolate the noise from reaching your microcontroller. Below is the datasheets of both IC’s. I would like to mention, a solid state relay is basically a triac + optocoupler.

Z0103MN Datasheet MOC3063

MOC3063 datasheet


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