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EL wire green 2.3mm 3 meter with connector

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One of the cool things about electronics is that we can be creative and with EL wire you can bring creativity to a very cool level. You will find el wire at burning man, underbar counters, on dancers, cars, bikes, advertising signs and all kinds of home and even swimming pool decor.

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3 Meters EL green with connector

Price is for 3 meters and includes a connector to easily connect to inverters.

Please note: El wire requires a specific type of power supply called an inverter. We do sell them on this site, the most popular is this inverter.

Can be bent, and made into any shape and length. Low power consumption (cold light, 97% electricity converted into light, no heat loss), no UV, soft light, environmentally friendly materials. The light radiation at night is extremely bright and eye-catching.

EL wire green Specifications:
Colour: green
Lenght: 3 meter
Operating Frequency: 50 ~ 5000Hz Optimum Operating Frequency :1500-2000Hz
Static Capacitance: 6nf / m (20 ° C, the RH <80%)
Brightness: (at 120V, 200Hz ~ 2000Hz) 30cd/m2 ~ 126 cd/m2
Light life: (at 100V, 400Hz) normal temperature and humidity, approximately 8000 hours
Operating Temperature / Humidity: -10 ° C ~ +60° C; RH <90%
Storage Temperature / Humidity: -10 ° C ~ +60 ° C; RH <65%
Thickness: 2.3mm