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Easy connector female for EL wire

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These connectors are easy to connect with solid connections. Used often with el wire and the female usually as a 4-way splitter as in the picture below.

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Easy connector female

These connectors are giving a solid connection and is easy to connect modules and so on together that you also want to quickly and easily disconnect. They are often used in EL wire connections from the inverters although most inverters already came equipped with these connectors. Of cause, you can use it to connect nearly anything with them.

If you are going to use them with EL wire, the easy connector male is used on the EL wire side itself and the easy connector female on the converter side. and note that if you going to build an EL wire splitter cable e.g. 4-way splitter you will need 1 male and 4 females like the picture below.

el wire splitter