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Dual 30A 5V relay module

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High-power relays, maximum control load DC 30V 30A / AC 250V 30A;
Optocoupler isolation.
In line with international safety standards, the control area and the load area with isolation slot.
Each channel has a relay on LED indication.
Product Applications: PLC automation equipment control, industrial system control, logistics network control, home intelligent product control, electronic enthusiasts to develop experiments, all kinds of circuit modification.
Supply voltage: DC 5V / 12V / 24V;
Quiescent current: 5mA;
Maximum operating current: 190mA;
Trigger mode: high and low-level trigger;
Load voltage: DC 30V / AC250;
Load current: 30A;
Relay life: more than 100,000 times;
Product weight: 385g;
Size: 70 * 72 * 22mm (L * W * H);

Trigger voltage range:
DC 05V: Low-level trigger: 0-2V relay ON; 3-5V relay OFF;
High-level trigger: 3.3-5V relay ON; 0-2.5V relay OFF;
DC 12V: Low-level trigger: 0-5V relay ON; 6-12V relay OFF;
High-level trigger: 6-12V relay ON; 0-5.5V relay OFF;
DC 24V: Low-level trigger: 0-12V relay ON; 12-24V relay OFF;
High-level trigger: 12-24V relay ON; 0-8.5V relay OFF;


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