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Dot Matrix LED Display 8×8 (total 64 leds)

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This display contains 64 leds to create a display.

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Dot Matrix LED Display 8×8

This product is a common anode type unit. A single matrix is formed by sixty four LED’s arranged in eight columns and eight rows (8 x 8). The anodes of the five LED’s forming one row are connected together. Similarly, the cathodes of the eight LED’s of a column are connected together. In this arrangement, the cathodes are switched to turn them of a row ON or OFF.

Features of the Dot Matrix LED Display 8×8:

8 x 8 LED matrix.
Digital device Interface.
Easy to Control.
Operating Voltage: 5 V.

All types of electrical/electronic projects.
DIY matrix display unit.
8051/AVR/ARM/PIC / NXP / Infinion / Arduino/Raspberry based matrix led display.


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