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DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit

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DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit 9V-12V – AT89C2051 chip

Here is another DIY project for you. You will need to solder all the components to the board and a soldering iron and some solder wire will be required.

DIY 6 Digital LED Electronic Clock Kit Feature:

Working voltage: DC6V ~ 12V
Recommend voltage: DC 9V
Recommend battery: CR2032 (3V)
Working current: 35mA
Standby current: 1.2mA

1, The display brightness can be changed by changing the resistance values of R1-R7 value.
2, The S1 button is used to set the time, hold for more than 2 seconds to start setting mode
3, Note that the circuit includes a standby battery slot of 3V, when the power is cut the AT89C2051 uses the standby battery, the clock will not stop, but the display will be off untill power is restored.



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