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DIY 3.7v to 5V 2A power bank module

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DIY 3.7v to 5V 2A power bank module


1. 4 level LED lights to show electricity, non-working state smart automatic shutdown;
2. Built-in lithium battery protection IC, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage protection;
3. Dual USB output;
4. Motherboard size: 69 x 32 x 8mm(L x W x H)
DIY 3.7v to 5V 2A power bank module Product basic parameters:
Input port: Micro USB (Android port)
Input requirements: 5V constant voltage power supply can be used for charging input power, a tnormal charger of 5V 1A or higher will work
Output port: USB

Output parameters: 5V 1A / 5V 2A

Requirements for rechargeable batteries:

Available battery(3.7V-4.2V polymer lithium battery):

18650 battery, mobile phone battery, flat battery, MP3 battery, can choose single cell power supply, or multiple cell parallel power supply(does not support the series). (Note: increasing capacity in parallel and increasing voltage in series, can only be used in parallel!)

Can be connected in parallel with 2-6 pcs 18650 batteries!!!
Only for Lithium-ion batteries.
Product installation should pay attention to the following points:
1. The battery should be connected in parallel, only the voltage between 3.2-4.2V can work, 18650 flat head and polymer batteries are available;
2. The battery is connected to the motherboard, B+ stands for the positive pole, B- stands for the negative pole, if it’s connected reversely will burn the motherboard;
3. Don’t mix old batteries and new batteries and batteries which model and brands are different.



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