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Digital IR Receiver Module(Arduino Compatible)

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Infrared is widely used in remote controls. With this IR receiver, the Arduino project is able to receive a command from any IR remoter controller if you have the right decoder. Well, it will be also easy to make your own IR controller using an IR transmitter.


  • Power Supply: 5V
  • Interface: Digital
  • Modulation Frequency:38Khz

Example Sketch & Diagram

Library: IRremote.zip



#include “IRremote.h”

int receiver = 11; // Signal Pin of IR receiver to Arduino Digital Pin 11

/*—–( Declare objects )—–*/ IRrecv irrecv(receiver); // create instance of ‘irrecv’ decode_results results; // create instance of ‘decode_results’

void setup() /*—-( SETUP: RUNS ONCE )—-*/ { Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println(“IR Receiver Button Decode”); irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver

}/*–(end setup )—*/ void loop() /*—-( LOOP: RUNS CONSTANTLY )—-*/ { if (irrecv.decode(&results)) // have we received an IR signal?

{ translateIR(); irrecv.resume(); // receive the next value } }/* –(end main loop )– */

/*—–( Function )—–*/ void translateIR() // takes action based on IR code received

// describing Remote IR codes




case 0xFF629D: Serial.println(” FORWARD”); break; case 0xFF22DD: Serial.println(” LEFT”); break; case 0xFF02FD: Serial.println(” -OK-“); break; case 0xFFC23D: Serial.println(” RIGHT”); break; case 0xFFA857: Serial.println(” REVERSE”); break; case 0xFF6897: Serial.println(” 1″); break; case 0xFF9867: Serial.println(” 2″); break; case 0xFFB04F: Serial.println(” 3″); break; case 0xFF30CF: Serial.println(” 4″); break; case 0xFF18E7: Serial.println(” 5″); break; case 0xFF7A85: Serial.println(” 6″); break; case 0xFF10EF: Serial.println(” 7″); break; case 0xFF38C7: Serial.println(” 8″); break; case 0xFF5AA5: Serial.println(” 9″); break; case 0xFF42BD: Serial.println(” *”); break; case 0xFF4AB5: Serial.println(” 0″); break; case 0xFF52AD: Serial.println(” #”); break; case 0xFFFFFFFF: Serial.println(” REPEAT”);break;

default: Serial.println(” other button “);

}// End Case

delay(500); // Do not get immediate repeat } //END translateIR

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