DC Power Supply 12V 3A High Quality

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A high quality 12VDC 36 Watt power supply that takes AC (the power in your house) and converts it to 12v DC.

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DC Power Supply 12V 3A

This power supply 12V, 3A rated, is a very common and usable power source for powering leds or other projects. With this particular power supply, you must wire up a plug to the appropriate connectors on the power supply. It is very simple. If you are looking for something more plug and play we have other power supplies that you simply plug into the wall as well, but they are more limited on how much current they can handle. This style is much more common for higher current outputs. These power supplies can be referred to as switching power supplies and constant voltage.

Power supply 12V Features:

· High efficiency, long life and high reliability
· Low DC ripple, high efficiency
· Low operation temperature & long performance life
· Input voltage suitable for the world
· Excellent insulation property, high dielectric strength
· 100% full-load burning test


· AC input voltage range): AC 85~265V;
· Input current(A): 0.64A max;
· Frequency (Hz): 47~63Hz;
· Efficiency: 92% Type (230VACFull Load);
· Inrush current(A): Cold star <40A/230V AC;
· Leakage current(mA):<3mA/240V AC.


· Output Voltage(V): +12VDC;
· Voltage Regulation: +/-10%;
· Output Current(A): 3A;
· Current Range (A): 0~3A;
· Rated Power(W): 36W;
· Start time, hold-up time(ms): Ton1000ms, Td20ms @230Vac Full Load;
· Rise time(ms): Typ:20ms @230Vac Full Load;
· Ripple/Noise(mVp-p): 120mVp-p.


· Over voltage Protection: >115%~135% Rated output voltage;
· Over load Protection: >105%~150% Auto recovery;
· Short circuit Protection: Latched.



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