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DC 12V Solenoid Valve N/C 3/4 inch

Control your water flow with a micro controller. This solenoid valve requires 12V so remember to use a relay with it. It is a normal close valve meaning if there is no power to the valve, it will be closed. Of cause, it will open when receiving 12V.

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12v Solenoid Valve

12V Solenoid valve description:

Magnetic DC N/C Water Air Inlet Flow Switch 3/4". Ideal for sprinkler systems and hydroponics.

Features :

Durable and practical.
Made of high-quality plastic and metal, long life.
Very convenient to use, open or close when power on or off.

Specification :

Material: Metal + Plastic
Voltage: DC12V
Rated Power: 5W
Pressure: 0.02- 0.8Mpa
Interface Modes: 3/4'' Hose
Working Time: 5 hours continues (Max)

Fluid Temperature: 0-90℃

1 review for DC 12V Solenoid Valve N/C 3/4 inch

  1. nozmot

    NOt sure about the quality and/or durability of this solenoid valve. Used it in a greenhouse for two weeks to control flow to a misting system and now it no longer closes when power is removed.

    • Kin Le Roux

      Hi there.

      Sorry to hear about your issue with these valves. A misting system needs quite a lot of pressure to operate well and it sounds like the valve broke down because of the high pressure. The maximum pressure for these units is 0.8 MPa. These valves work very well in irrigation systems but with misting systems, I suggest a higher rated pressure valve due to the pressure needed to produce the water mist. You are very welcome to send the unit back to us for us to look at but I do suspect the valve mechanics got damaged due to too high a pressure.

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