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D2-1 Intelligent Line Tracking Car Kit

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Draw black lines and this car will follow it!

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D2-1 Intelligent Line Tracking Car Kit

This kit introduces quite a few electronic principles, its fun and not difficult to build. This is a self-build DIY smart tracking robot car kit. It is an introductory electronic kit designed to help kids, electronic enthusiasts, and novices learn about basic electronic knowledge like soldering and simple circuits(photoelectric sensor circuit, voltage comparator, motor driving,ir sensors etc.) The smart kit is designed based on the principle of infrared sensor and light reflectivity difference when the light emitting on the white and black items

The manual included in the kit is not in English. Please download the English manual here: D2-1 Intelligent Tracking Car Instructions

Line Tracking Car Kit Power requirements: 3V (two AA batteries) (package does not include batteries)

This kit must be self-assembled. All parts needed are included.


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