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CJMCU-1051 TJA1051 CAN BUS Transceiver Module

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CJMCU-1051 TJA1051 CAN BUS Transceiver Module


CJMCU-1051 is a high-speed CAN bus transceiver and interface between the CAN controller and the physical bus, which provides differential transmit and receive functions.
The transceiver is designed for the automotive industry’s high-speed applications, the Transmission rate is up to 1Mbit / s.

CJMCU-1051 TJA1051 CAN BUS Transceiver Module Feature:

The TJA1051 is an upgraded version of the high-speed CAN transceiver TJA1050 with improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) performance, with the following features:

1. The transceiver is not visible on the bus when the power is off or in low power mode;
2. TJA1051T/3 and TJA1051TK/3  I/O port can be directly connected with the 3V ~ 5V microcontroller interface.

These features make TJA1051 become the best choice for high-speed CAN network node, TJA1051 does not support bus wake standby mode.



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