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Bundle deal: EL wire lime (florescent green) 2.3mm 3 meters with connector and inverter

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The el wire lime colour is quite a bright colour that I describe as a fluorescent green. One of the cool things about electronics is that we can be creative and with EL wire you can bring creativity to a very cool level. Even if you have no electronic experience and dare I say….. no electronic interests. You will find el wire at burning man, under bar counters, on dancers, cars, bikes, advertising signs and all kinds of home and even swimming pool decor.

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3 Meter EL wire lime with connector and inverter

Price is for 3 meters and includes the connector to easily connect to inverters.

This el wire lime colour can be described as a fluorescent green.

Can be bent, and made into any shape and length. Low power consumption (cold light, 97% electricity converted into light, no heat loss), no UV, soft light, environmentally friendly materials. The light radiation at night is extremely bright and eye-catching.

EL wire lime Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 20 ~ 220V Optimum Operating Voltage: 120V
Operating Frequency: 50 ~ 5000Hz Optimum Operating Frequency :1500-2000Hz
Static Capacitance: 6nf / m (20 ° C, the RH <80%)
Brightness: (at 120V, 200Hz ~ 2000Hz) 30cd/m2 ~ 126 cd/m2
Power: (at 120V, 200Hz ~ 2000Hz)108mw / m ~ 1032mw / m
Light life: (at 100V, 400Hz) normal temperature and humidity, approximately 8000 hours
Operating Temperature / Humidity: -10 ° C ~ +60° C; RH <90%
Storage Temperature / Humidity: -10 ° C ~ +60 ° C; RH <65%
Thickness: 2.3mm


3v el wire inverter

The 3V EL wire inverter includes a button for selecting steady/slow blink/fast blink/on/off modes. There’s a removable cover on the back to insert the batteries. Comes with an Easy connector – female.

Size: 91mm x 34mm x 28mm
Weight (without batteries): 29g