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BTS7960 motor driver 43A

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High power h-bridge motor driver.

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BTS7960 motor driver 43A

The IC has lots of protection build in including over temperature, under voltage and current limitation. Uses only pwm pins from your microcontroller.

BTS7960 motor driver Description:
1, double BTS7960 high current (43A) H-bridge drivers;
2, and MCU 5V isolated, effectively protect the microcontroller;
3, the motor can be  reversed, two PWM inputs, highest 25kHZ frequency;
4, the two streams passing overheating error signal output;
5, isolated chip 5V power (can be shared with the microcontroller 5V);
6, the supply voltage 5.5V to 27V;

More information is available here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Motor-Driver-BTS7960-43A/


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