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BK8000L Bluetooth stereo audio module

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BK8000L Bluetooth stereo audio module

This unit is designed specifically for Bluetooth speaker products. With tA2DP, AVRCP transmission and remote control protocol it can be used with almost any Bluetooth source device (such as Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, adapters, etc.) to establish a connection to the wireless receiver to achieve high-quality stereo audio stream, and audio player remote control.

BK8000L Bluetooth stereo audio module Specification:

2.Name:F-6188 V4.0
3.Bluetooth :V2.1+EDR
4.Supply voltage :DC2.8-4.2V
5.Bluetooth protocol: HFPV1.5, A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV1.4, HSP1.2, GAVDP1.2, IOP
6.Working current :≤45mA
7.Standby current :<500uA
8.Temperature range: -40°C ~ + 85°C
9.Wireless transmission range: >10 meters
10.Transmission power :Class2, 4dbm
11.Sensitivity :-80dBm <0.1% BER
12.Frequency Range :2.4GHz ~ 2.480GHz
13.Decoding audio performance:SBC
15.Board size 25×13.5mm

Bluetooth audio module diagram

Here is a great instructable using this module to build a speaker: https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Mini-Bluetooth-Speaker-BoombeAt-/


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